The principal behind VALA is that of shared space retail and is run on consignment agreements with top talent local designers. VALA stocks quality collections from various local designers and thus bring local fashion to the retail and commercial markets.

VALA aspires to create a platform for growth of the industry by promoting designers businesses and allowing them to expand their reach. The belief is that  selling local fashion is a start at tapping the potential of the industry which will lead to job creation through the added need for production, improve the perception of locally produced good, and also empower creative minds to turn their passion in to an entrepreneurial venture.

VALA is a 100% locally  owned company and shareholders Mu Mudenda and Angelika Huwiler look forward to the growth of the Fashion industry through this venture. Zambians are capable of producing quality products and VALA aims to show this capability. With the growing globalization it is easy to become a consumer of all things foreign but one should not look past the local talent. The fashion industry  in Zambia is a small but rich one and it needs to be nurtured.

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Location: Foxdale Court, Zambezi Road
Email: [email protected]